Born in 1939, A.R. Penck is a German painter, printmaker and sculptor who studied with a group of Neo-Expressionist painters in Dresden. He became one of the foremost exponents of the ‘new figuration’ alongside Jörg Immendorff, Georg Baselitz and Markus Lüpertz. Active in East Berlin during the partition of the city, the group were included in shows in West Berlin and were seen as exponents of free speech in the East, with their work shown by major museums and galleries in the West throughout the 1980s. Penck’s work is unique for its primitivist stick-figures and signs, and his paintings employ a schematic idiom to convey universal ideas. The group exhibited together at the famous ‘Zeitgeist’ exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau Museum and the ‘New Art’ show at Tate, London. Penck has recently exhibited at Galerie Lelong, Paris, and the Michael Werner Gallery, New York.

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