Born in 1955, Jeff Koons is an American artist. Since his emergence in the 1980s, Koons has blended Pop and Conceptual Art with images from mass produced culture to create his own unique iconography. His work explores an obsession with the language of kitsch, often producing controversial and challenging work in the process. Koons has become increasingly renowned for his public sculptures, such as the monumental floral sculpture Puppy, first shown at documenta 9 in 1992, and then permanently installed at the Guggenheim Bilbao. Another floral sculpture, Split-Rocker (2000), was installed at the Papal Palace in Avignon and at the Palace of Versailles. He’s also known for his ‘Celebration’ series, consisting of large-scale sculptures depicting balloon dogs, love hearts and tulips. Since his first solo show in 1980, Koons’ work has been widely exhibited internationally. 

design: Julia — development: Developpando